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Are you looking for the best SEO consultant in Bangladesh? Well, in this modern internet era, if you want to start and grow a business, you must first understand what SEO is and how SEO strategies should be implemented on your website.

Almost all Bangladeshi businesses have become more concerned in recent years with increasing their online presence and brand visibility. And, for that reason, SEO is a must-do for every business.

For your information, doing SEO can increase your traffic by 1000 percent or more than organic social media.

It clearly indicates that you should focus heavily on Search Engine Optimization rather than the next Instagram post for a Facebook post. This is where the best SEO service in Bangladesh comes in.

To be more specific, you should hire an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

In this case, if you are unsure about what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is, what services an SEO specialist provides, or how those SEO services can benefit your business, I, Muhammad Abdul Kadir Reduan (Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh), am here to assist you with my professional and experienced team members.


Who is the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Well, this might be the question that is popping up in your mind right now – “Who is The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh?”

“Muhammad Abdul Kadir Reduan is the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh” is the obvious answer to your question.

The reasons are as follows:

As of today, I have completed 150+ SEO projects for hundreds of companies from all over the world. If organic ranking is your primary goal, you should hire an experienced SEO professional like me.

Among the 150+ SEO projects I’ve worked on, the number of Bangladeshi businesses I’ve worked with is around 100. And this is something I am always proud of as an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Throughout my SEO career, I have always attempted to devise new strategies while adhering to the Google Search Console guidelines in order to see the search engine ranking results after implementing them. This is what distinguishes me from the rest of the SEO professionals in Bangladesh.

I started my SEO training career in Bangladesh about three years ago. I’ve completed 50+ batches of Advanced SEO courses, 25+ batches of Affiliate courses, and 20+ batches of local SEO courses so far. And it gives me great pleasure to inform you that the total number of students I have trained to date exceeds 1000.

One thing I should mention is that due to my long career as an SEO trainer in Bangladesh, I am better known as a local SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Not only do I implement all of the white hat SEO strategies that can help your website rank higher, but I also handle each client project in such a way that the entire process is much easier for both parties.

Following our initial meeting, I will email you a blueprint for a detailed SEO proposal for your site. In this SEO proposal, I will walk you through each step so that everything is crystal clear between you and me.

In some cases, I also try to provide an initial SEO audit of your site so that you are aware of any existing issues with your site. Because I’ll be using the Google Search Console Tools for this, you’ll get a quick overview of the technical issues.

Finally, once you have approved my SEO proposal, I will begin working with the skilled SEO professionals on my team in accordance with our SEO Action Plan.

The Advantages of Hiring an Expert in Bangladesh


You should have a basic understanding of what SEO is by now. You’ve also learned why you should look into the SEO expert profile in Bangladesh.

However, you may be unaware of the advantages SEO can provide for your company. It’s obvious that you don’t have a clear idea about how you’re competitive or knocking off just because you’re using the best SEO service in Bangladesh from a top SEO expert in Bangladesh.

I’ll go over the top three advantages of hiring an SEO specialist in Bangladesh

SEO Increases ROI

If you use the best SEO service in Bangladesh from the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, you can expect an increase in your ROI; however, if you use the wrong SEO expert in Bangladesh, your investment in SEO Services may not yield the desired results. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when searching for the best SEO expert.


Boost Traffic with SEO

With the assistance of the leading SEO expert in Bangladesh, you have the opportunity to increase the number of visitors to your website. And does it assist you in gaining more customers for your company? Creating and implementing a written SEO Action Plan with the appropriate tools makes it much easier for an SEO expert in Bangladesh to drive traffic that can eventually lead to real conversion.

Bangladesh's search engine ranking

When you use the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, your business will rank higher in Bangladesh. An Asia plan designed by the best SEO agency in Bangladesh can really help you get to the top search engine result page.

Essential SEO Service List

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Web Analysis

Web Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

On Page SEO

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Google SERP Ranking

Google SERP Ranking

Performance Management

Performance Management

akreduan Helps Entrepreneurs

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert (also known as a “SEO specialist”) is someone who optimizes websites to improve their search engine rankings.


What do you need to start working?

I need your WordPress login information as well as your Gmail credentials to set up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Can you improve my SEO score?

Please do not order if you are obsessed with SEO score. Each page necessarily requires a unique On-Page SEO strategy. I optimize the content so that it is SEO-friendly rather than Rankmath or Yoast-friendly.

Do you guarantee 1st page ranking on Google?

No, I cannot guarantee that you will appear on Google’s first page. SEO is a time-consuming process that can take weeks, if not months, to produce results. It also depends on a variety of other factors such as your niche, competition, and backlinks. However, with proper optimization and strategy, you can still reach Page 1 of Google.

Can you work with Yoast and RankMath SEO plugin?

Yes I am expert to work on both Plugins. I highly recommend for RankMath SEO Plugins Because of It’s Features. I also work with Yoast SEO Plugins as well.


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