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Do you need a Google Ads Expert in Bangladesh or a Google Ads Management Service? You’ve come to the right place. akreduan provides Google Ads Management Services to clients. We are the best Google Ads Agency in Bangladesh and provide services globally.
Every company does not have the resources to hire AdWords specialists. If your sponsored campaign is not producing better outcomes or yielding a higher ROI, you’re spending money on the incorrect agency. Our AdWords management agency has several years of expertise dealing with customers in a variety of industries. including small and mid-sized enterprises. We assist them in making the most profit from their business.

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Search Engine for Marketing

Why Choose Search Engine for Marketing?

Before we get into our management services, you need to know and comprehend what is search engine marketing. often known as SEM, is (Search Engine Marketing). The first question is, what is a search engine, and why do you need search engine marketing? What advantage will this method provide for your company? And a lot more.
Search engines are one of the most often utilized internet tools for discovering information and resources. whether you are a company owner or entrepreneur. Since a result, it is critical to have your website listed, as this may assist you in marketing your home company.
Search Engine Marketing is an efficient way for any type of organization to reach its target audience. Get new and prospective consumers, improve sales and leads, and cut costs. Marketing is a wide sector with competition, and rivals brand their firms. Every day, the marketing industry evolves, introducing new strategies and tactics. Search engine marketing is a popular issue for today’s competitive marketing strategy (SEM). As a result, search engine marketing is a viable strategy for every company.

Increase Traffic and ROI

As a businessman, all you want is for people to visit your website. Which is why search engine marketing is so important. Without SEM, you will not be rank in SERPs and would lose clients and visitors.
Search engine marketing may assist you in obtaining your desired customers. The keyword is crucial here; search engine marketing may also boost the performance of your organization. Search engine marketing will help your consumers learn more about you. As a result, the significance of search engines in marketing is many.
We’ve managed a large number of AdWords campaigns, so we know what we’re doing. We make better use of your money since we know what will and will not work for your company. We may improve the structure of your account. By assessing your keywords for greater chances, better looks, and so on. It might be a fantastic bargain for your company. What are you still waiting for?
Traffic and ROI

Why Do You Need SEM Expert?

Best Techniques
An SEM Expert or SEM agency understands search engine rankings and strategies. For bringing a website to the top of both organic and sponsored search engines. As a result, they advertise your business by driving more visitors to your website. Motivating your consumers to buy more from you, and growing the brand’s reputation.
They assist your company in organizing and testing various marketing initiatives. Employing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and doing keyword research. That is how an efficient SEM specialist, such as akreduan, will assist your company. To increasing total sales and leads, as well as increasing the ROI of paid advertising.
Best Practice
SEM is the most effective method to boost traffic and rank high in search engine results. If you use sponsored search advertising with the correct term. you will have a good chance of ranking at the top of the SERPs.
One of the most important reasons to engage an SEM service is to do a competitive study. They use a variety of techniques to track, arrange, and comprehend specific keywords. Keyword research may enhance insights and hence the performance of your marketing initiatives.
The organization may make assumptions about its rivals. Comparing their advertisements and targeted keywords to yours, allowing you to reach more traffic. For the same search term as your competitors.
Cost Effective ROI
SEM experts can plan, execute, and manage paid search advertising programs for you. Keyword targeting and keyword research, target audience, running advertisements. Ads design, landing page design, and so on are all part of the process. Track your search results, our SEM experts use Google Ads or a third-party platform.
SEM Specialists spend their working hours analyzing the outcomes of your marketing. Campaigns, optimizing performance, measuring the results, and determining whether anything needs to change. The top SEM professionals, such as us, understand that campaign optimization. Is an effective technique for both paid and organic search results.
Potential Customers

Get Potential Customer at the best price

We understand your objectives, That’s why we have had success with search and display ads. Our goal is to provide your company with the best solution at the most affordable price. You may be aware that certain agencies deceive you with lip service. But when it comes to the real task, they do nothing. akreduan, But, focuses on enhancing your business with our service. We have a committed staff that will offer you the finest service at the most affordable price.
As a result, organizations of various sizes, such as startups, small businesses, and SMC. May afford to invest in us. As a result, we will assist you in increasing your ROI. Ad management services might assist you in gaining more consumers. The more consumers you have, the more sales and leads you will have. As a result, you are receiving the greatest service for your company. while staying within your budget. That is how our Ads management solution assists organizations in meeting their objectives.

Our Google Ads Management Services

Keyword Research

akreduan employs a keyword funnel for each word, group of words, and phrase. Associated with each part of a customer’s buying experience. Google has a rationale for every keyword client type. As a result, we identify the best keyword for you to select.
We conduct extensive research on each phrase, including monthly and global search traffic. To ensure that you receive the best keyword for marketing. We analyze your website to determine which keywords are ideal to target. For different pages and search engines for marketing purposes. We keep in mind what our consumers want and need. Our keyword research can assist you in decide what your target audience is looking for!
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is a study of competition that will assist you to understand their marketing process. When you investigate your Competitor, you will learn a lot about their business plans. Which will help you make your business strategy more valuable and beneficial. allowing your company to develop quicker.
We work hard to assist our marketing teams in gathering all the competitor’s data in one location. We gather information about campaigns, consumers, and rivals. You will be able to better understand your rivals if you have all the data. As a result, you may outperform your competition ROI. This improves akreduan and our client’s business.

PPC Management

Successful PPC management requires an understanding ad tactics as well as budget planning. akreduan offers a skilled PPC Campaign. That can create and execute effective paid marketing strategies. We develop the best plan for each startup or business and provide the best services. To guarantee PPC is as effective as workable. To manage your campaign, our PPC Team employs a variety of strategies. We create and manage your campaign using several types of technologies. To ensure that you receive the highest ROI.

PPC Management
Display Ads

Display Ads

akreduan offers display advertising services to assist startups and companies. In reaching a large number of consumers with targeted display adverts. akreduan provides a complete Display Ads service to help build your brand reputation. generate leads and sales, and get more consumers. We use networks such as Google Ads Display Network. Facebook Audience Network, Bing Display. akreduan will assist you in achieving an excellent ROI. Our display solution will reach the greatest amount of your intended clients. Do you want to take your business to the next level by using our display advertising services? Through our internet advertising technique, we assist you in achieving successful outcomes.

Search Ads vs Display Ads

  • If you’re familiar with online advertising, you’ve heard of many forms of advertising. And there are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to internet advertising. But, search advertisements and display ads are the most popular.
  • There are distinctions between the two categories. The main difference is that search ads show to individuals. Who is looking for your product or service. Whereas display ads appear to your targeted consumers. via some chosen keywords, and it is a paid campaign.
  • Search and display ads are served by separate ad networks. If you have a sizable marketing budget. We recommend including both display and search advertisements in your marketing plan.
  • You may use as many keywords as you wish in search advertisements to target your consumers. Use negative keywords to ensure that your ad is seen when consumers search for such terms.
  • You can target your ads to a user’s purpose because you may work on particular and distinct keywords. As a result, people will come across your ad anytime they search for something relevant to your term. You will also learn what kind of items your consumers like.
  • If they have a limited budget, search ads are preferable. It will assist you in reaching a huge amount of people at a reasonable cost. Search ads have greater click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates than display ads. Because search ads allow you to target potential consumers and improves leads.
  • The main advantage of display advertisements is the inverse of that of search ads. You may reach as many people as you want with display ads if you want to raise brand recognition. As a result, display advertisements have a greater reach than search ads. As a result, you may broaden your intended client group. You may remarket to consumers so that they discover you again and again

When You Should Use Display Ads

Display ads are ideal if you have little brand recognition and want to promote your business. In front of a large audience. Make a lasting impact on your consumers by using video or picture advertising.
Display ads can be used for remarketing. You may use remarketing to show your ads to individuals. Who are already familiar with your brand and are more inclined to buy from you. Advertise to or show ads to customers. who put products in their shopping cart but did not complete a transaction.
Use display ads to give a visual message to your customers. since they are more graphic than search ads and will work well with consumer items.
Display ads are ideal for usage in a certain niche. You may tailor your ads to a certain demographic. It is useful for specialized specialty marketing.
When you should use display ads
When you should use searched ads

When You Should Use Search Ads

Do you want to increase the quality of your reach and leads? Then search advertisements are ideal for you. They’re ideal for attracting consumers who are eager to get from you. You may target a huge number of your consumers with search advertisements.
If your rankings are high but you aren’t on Google’s first page for your most essential keywords. Search ads are the greatest alternative for you. This is a short-term technique for increasing your organic presence. since you will get greater exposure for the required keywords.
People are seeking the goods and services that they are interested in. so building particular awareness for certain services through display advertisements is difficult. If you give services for a brief period of time, display advertisements may be the best option.

Why Choose Us?


We are a full-service Google Ads firm that specializes in more than simply sales and branding. We create the best website for you. including the best image that stops scrolling, text that people want to read more than once. and marketing tactics to assure your success. When it comes to performance, we will propel you to the top in your industry. We handle everything till you don’t meet your target. It is our obligation to put you first.

Target Your Actual Audience

Hire us to bring in a large number of potential clients. That is looking for keywords connected to your business.

Reach Your Desired Goal

Everything is measure by our Google Ads agency to determine success. This covers your total cost, earnings, the number of individuals searching for your page, and so on.

Increase Your Leads and Sales

Our Google Ads services are design to generate more leads and revenues than ever before. Every businessperson’s goal is to reach out to potential consumers. Our ad management solution will assist you in attracting your desired audience.

Increase Website Traffic

Getting relevant traffic will raise the number of visitors to your website. Our keyword management service will assist your keywords in such a manner. that people will reach your website when they are seeking items related to your business.

Cost Effective with Better ROI

Our ad agency is low-cost and produces excellent results. We assist you in achieving a higher ROI than before.


When working on your campaign, we use a methodical approach. We work in such a way that high click-through rates result in increased traffic and sales.


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